The Benefits of Microsoft Office 2010 CBT Training

For corporations, in these tough times it is vital to stay ahead of the competition. Business strategies and operating plans are designed to give companies a competitive edge and increase profits while meeting compliance requirements. Keeping a staff’s skill set up-to-date is vital to the well-being and success of any company. Nearly every business on earth uses Microsoft Office. This highly successful program is used for all aspects of business and it is available the world over.


Microsoft is planning the much anticipated release of its newest version of Office next yearEmail Extractor Software. This new program is called Microsoft Office 2010. In order to be ready for the release of 2010 you need to quickly become an expert in its workings. Office 2010 CBT is a training program that is available on CDs and DVDs and is an excellent way to learn all there is to know about Office 2010. This is a simple and convenient way to learn the new Microsoft product and it fits nicely into the busy business person’s hectic schedule as the CDs/DVDs can be popped into laptops and the learning can take place virtually anywhere.

The business world is abuzz as people are anxiously awaiting Microsoft to unveil the complete workings of Office 2010 in September at the Microsoft Project Conference. What is known about 2010 thus far is that there will be a web-based version of the program available. This means that it can be used online. By using the Office 2010 training DVD option, you or your staff will quickly and conveniently learn all there is to know about 2010 to keep you one step ahead of your competitors. Instead of having to travel to an offsite location for classes, you can easily access the training material whenever it is convenient to you.

You will learn via demos, in-depth discussions and presentations that are offered in full detail and in a very easy to understand terms. By using the Office 2010 CBT training option you can learn on your own and take it slow or move through the training quickly-the choice is yours. You set the schedule and decide when to watch each of the training videos that are provided. In fact, you can even watch these self-study videos as often as you deem necessary.

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