Lumber Tarps

Have you ever wondered how the lumber gets to the lumber yard without damage en route? Well, of course it arrives by truckloads. Those trucks travel through all kinds of weather and conditions, so what protects the wood? This is where the green heavy duty lumber tarp comes into play.

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Some lumber tarps are made from canvas, others from a material called polyethylene. Many drivers use the canvas ones, but the green poly tarps are the most popular choice by far. This is so for many reasons with the first being cost. Green poly tarps are extremely cost efficient and easy to acquire. If they become damaged or ripped, they can be easily repaired tarpaulin sheet.

Poly tarps are lightweight as well at around 6 to 7 ounces per square yard. Since these tarps are typically long and slender to accommodate the truck bed length, that can be a major consideration. Lumber truck tarps are usually sold in sections. This allows the tarp to be used for different bed lengths (lumber trucks can have extendable beds).

One of the most important considerations in keeping the lumber dry and in good condition until it reaches the store or yard. The heavy duty green poly tarps are 100% water proof so this is not a problem. Oh, and they’re tailored to hang over the side of the load to the bottom of the bed, so there is 100% coverage on the whole load.

The great thing about poly tarps is that no matter how long they are outside or how wet they get, they are also rot proof. Polyethylene will never succumb to rot, dry rot or mildew. The material just resists that type of deterioration naturally. One serious consideration is UV damage to the wood while in transit. Green poly tarps are UV treated on both sides to eliminate that problem entirely.

Besides protection from the elements during transport, tarps also help keep the load secure all the way to the destination. Along the bottom edge of the tarp, there are metal grommets for tie down ropes or straps, usually about every 18″ or so. These should be used only to secure the tarp to the bed. Other tie offs need to be utilized to keep the lumber secure.

Poly tarps also have what is called “Arctic flexibility”. This means that the tarp not only keeps the cold out, but the heat in as well. This can be a big factor in the winter months as extreme cold conditions can warp fresh wood. Keeping the heat in is important.

One more aspect of the green heavy duty poly tarps is that they are acid resistant. That may not seem like a big deal, but rain, snow and other forms of precipitation contain levels of acid. This is why the acid resistance is a good feature to have in a tarp.

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