Learn How to Personalize Your Gmail Account

Wouldn’t you appreciate it a whole lot better if you can call your Gmail account my own space? That is definitely possible, though, as you can customize your own account in different ways. Let us show you the options:

1. Add themes. This is just another way of saying you can add your own background. This doesn’t really increase your productivity, but it makes Gmail so much fun. Adding a theme is also extremely easy. Just click on the Gear icon and choose Mail Settings. Then proceed to Themes tab. You have more than 20 different themes to pick. If you’re having a hard time choosing, simply select Random. The system can the change your theme at any time. And if your creative juice is flowing, you can opt for Create Your Own Theme.

2. Include Labs. Want to make your own Gmail account more productive? There are dozens of lab to pick! You can create a default text style, translate messages, control the inbox with the mouse, display photos when chatting, place the chat box on the right-hand side, tweak your titles, send e-mail in the background, create your own keyboard shortcuts, and even solve math problems. And if you think you’re genius enough, you can suggest your own lab feature to Google.

3. Create your signature. Perhaps you’re interested in introducing yourself a little bit more in your e-mail. Here’s a good way to do that: add a signature สมัคร gmail. Your signature can contain not just your name but also your other contact details such as your phone number and other e-mail addresses. You can also add a link to your website or blog. If you’re using WiseStamp, you can integrate your signature to your e-mail account. To create your own signature, go to Mail Settings and then General tab. Scroll all the way down until you can find Signature.

Upload your picture. Give a face to the name, and let your friends know it’s you they’re really chatting with in Gmail. Go to Mail Settings and select the General tab. Proceed to My Picture section and upload your desired photo. You can also crop the picture just in case you prefer an angle or you want to select yourself in a group shot.

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