Wear Hen’s Night Out T-Shirts for a Fun Hen’s Party

When you are having a hen’s night out, nothing looks better than a customized hen’s party t-shirt designed by you. Celebrate your last single night out before getting married with a fun hen’s party and by wearing something extra-special, and what could be more special than t-shirts printed with your own design.

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Everybody will know what you are celebrating irrespective of what you are wearing, so it’s no secret, and you should therefore do it in style Comme des Garcons Shirt . Nothing is better than a customized t-shirt printed to your specifications – who knows, the night might even end up as a wet t-shirt contest! Get some photographs and keep the shirt, then you can truthfully say ‘been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it!’

With specialist hen’s night out t-shirts you can normally choose from a selection of unique designs that are available on a variety of t-shirt designs, such as scoop or v-neck shirts, with text such as ‘Hen’s Night Out’, ‘Hen’s Party’, or simply ‘Bride to Be’. The last one there would obviously be just for the bride to be, and the others could be chosen either from the stock shirts on offer or possibly even designed by yourself.

It is possible to find offline printers who will do this type of textile printing for you, but there are also printers online who will print t-shirts with your own text, and even your own picture or clipart. In fact, they would make a great gift for somebody for their hen’s night. It’s difficult to know what to give for a hen’s party, so there is one idea for you.

Not only will printed hen’s night out t-shirts give you a lot of fun, but it will also be something for you to keep as a memento of your last night out when you were single. Not only that, but there are also a lot more novelties you can find online to let you be naughty just one last time. Your future husband might not be as understanding as he must be now, so make hay while the sun shines and really enjoy yourself.

You could take along some glow in the dark ‘dickie’ drinking straws for your drinks – no prizes for guessing their shape! Or wear a pair of similarly shaped glowing ear-rings or a flashing picker inside a shot glass. A few of these for your shots will have everybody screaming and laughing. It would certainly be a night to remember. You can probably think of something better yourself!

You could also design your own t-shirt using a blank shirt. These blanks are available from the majority of major suppliers although you are advised to use one of the blanks offered by your choice of printer. That way the correct fabric will be used so that the printed design and text will not run when washed and will be fixed on the fabric forever. Some synthetic fibers are not suitable for screen printing or even digital printing – cotton is best – so find an online company that provides both the shirt and the printing service and who will print a t-shirt to your design.

All it generally takes is a file with the graphic on it and the text you want printed. A graphic isn’t necessary but if chosen careful a comic or even racy piece of clipart could make your t-shirt look really good. You can choose one for the bride and a different design for her friends. We don’t want any mix-up about who is the one getting married, do we, particularly later in the evening when you have all a few too many!

This isn’t a time to be sensible – there will be enough of that once you are married. This is a night to let things go and have a great time perhaps even be a little naughty with one or two of the risque novelties such as those mentioned above. You can be naughty, silly – anything you want on your last night out as a single.

One final tip on your hen’s night – if it is a bride’s last night out don’t have it the night before the wedding. Guys tend to do that and look terrible on the big day – or even find themselves left in the middle of nowhere by their so-called ‘friends’ as a laugh. Some laugh when they haven’t a clue where they are and wearing nothing but their briefs!

However, they all seem to make it the altar so enjoy your night out, take it as it comes and be sure to wear a beautiful and unique hen’s night out t-shirt that you have designed yourself and will remind of this last night out for years to come. Make it memorable!

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