Body Jewelry’s Journey – Status and Power, To Present Day Fashion Trend

Since ages, Body Jewelries are important and valuable to mankind, occupying the central place of their costumes. The People of different ages wore these jewelries for different purposes. For example, in old Egyptian civilization, piercing of different parts of the bodies to wear body adornment jewelries made from Gold, Jade and Jewels were more popular among the royalties and courtiers. These jewelries were symbol of beauty, power, status and wealth among them body piercing jewelry .

Similarly, since last thousands of years, wearing of body piercing jewelries are popular for tradition, custom, wealth and beauty enhancement, in India and South Asia. In Mayan, Aztec and other older civilizations, body piercing was prevalent for rituals and customs. Many tribal people of Africa, Middle West Asia and Australia, pierced different part of their body such as lips, tongues and so on, for rituals and pleasing the gods.

Today, piercing of different parts of body is more popular among boys and girls for fashion and style trends. The celebrities, sports, film and rock stars wear them to look more stylish and, to draw the attention of the onlookers. The trendy people also follow them to match their styles, by wearing similar body piercing jewelries on different part of their body.

These days’ trendy people have the option of buying numerous types of body ornamenting rings, such as Belly Button Rings, Navel Rings, Nose Rings, Tongue Rings, Curved Eye Brow Rings, Barbells, Nipple Rings, Labrets and Earrings from online and local stores.

As compared to local stores, online sites can offer wide selection of these rings made from Solid Gold, Gold Plated, White Metal, Surgical Steels, Titanium, Titanium Anodized, Acrylic and Bio-Plast materials. The buyer just needs the PC and Internet connection, to access body jewelries selling online sites. One can sit at the comfort of home, access the online store and purchase his desired body adornment rings.

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