Grow Your List With Blogging

I have been sharing lately  about article marketing to build your list. One of the very best ways of re-purposing your articles to grow your list is by simply posting them on your blog.

Many of the same points for article marketing should be followed.  Keep your post about 200-300 words, but there is no set amount.  You can vary this, it is your blog, and you make your own style. Some people are known for long articles, or an article with a video .   You can create long articles and turn into a series also.  Experiment a little to find out what works for you.

I have found mixing things up works well.  I can have a variety of audience visit my site and still enjoy the blog.

Search Engine traffic and optimized keywords can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.  I frequently share techniques for optimizing your blog and your titles.   You do not have to be perfect at keyword research, or have a ton of knowledge about SEO.  You just have to know to use keywords in the title and in your articles.  This will help you get traffic.

Update your website/blog frequently.  The more you post, the more traffic and attention your blog will get.  Always use the rule of engaging others with your post. Ask for comments and even get some controversy in your articles, this will help draw attention and help build “stickiness” into your blog.

Experiment a little to find out what sorts of posts get you the most buzz or the most links. For example, if you’re the first to report on some bit of news in your niche – and you report thoughtfully – you can expect others to link to your original article and post their own comments.

Another way to get people talking is to make controversial posts from time to time. Other bloggers will take sides – and whether they take your side of the issue or not, they’ll link to your blog to discuss your post.

This activity will also build backlinks, this is when others link to your post.  Make sure you add comments on other blogs also to encourage others to visit your blog.

Authors constantly ask me what they can blog about. They have a book-fiction or non-fiction-and they want to know how to use their blog to promote it. However, they have to keep blogging on a daily or weekly basis. They need content regularly, and they don’t know what to write about.

Blogs provide a great way to promote both fiction and nonfiction books. If they are hosted on your blog–not a free blog–they drive traffic to your website. This means more people may purchase your book.

Also, frequent blog posts increase your “findability” by search engines like Google. This means your search engine ranking increases, which makes it easier for people searching for the topic of your book on the Internet to find you. The more you post on your topic, the higher up your website or blog will go on the search pages; instead of being buried on page 20, you eventually will come up in the top 10, which means anyone looking for information on your topic can find your blog, your website and your book.

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