What Makes The Lalaloopsy Dolls So Hot?

The hottest new line of dolls for girls is the Lalaloopsy dolls, which are made by Micro-Games America (MGA) Entertainment. MGA Entertainment is a California based company which you may know for its very popular line of Bratz dolls, which young girls also have bought up in great numbers ラブドール通販. The Lalaloopsy dolls are currently the company’s big hit line of dolls though, and they hold a great appeal for young girls who are between six and twelve years in age.

The Lalaloopsy line of dolls are small, plastic eleven inch female dolls which have been made to resemble old fashioned hand sewn rag dolls. Each Lalaloopsy doll wears a fashionable and colorful outfit, which has been said to have been made from extra special rags that give each doll its wonderful personality. The story goes that the final stitch that went into making each doll magically gave them life, and also magically gave them personalities based on the rags that were used to make their clothes. Currently, there are eight individual doll characters that make up the Lalaloopsy line, as well as a twin pack which is also available, making the grand total of Lalaloopsy dolls available a round and even ten.

Every doll character also has an adorable plastic little pet that is meant to match its master’s personality in some way. This combination gives the characters a little bit more of a story line that is sure to appeal to young girls of all sorts. All the personalities of Lalaloopsy dolls that are available are meant to match up with specific types of girls, and most such young girls are certain to find a doll that matches them and their interests in some way. The dolls have such fun stories and personalities behind them and their names are so whimsical that it’s hard not to love them. For example, there’s one doll called “Peanut Big Top” who loves to perform for her friends, and another called “Crumbs Sugar Cookie” who loves to bake and eat cookies. Such wonderfully whimsical names have rarely been seen in children’s characters since the popular Strawberry Shortcake of the 1980’s.

It’s not very difficult to see why this innovative and creative line of dolls is doing such tremendous business this holiday season. The Lalaloopsy dolls are great gifts for all little girls looking for special dolls that match their personalities and their interests. In addition, they are just so adorable and have such a great appeal as cute little pseudo rag dolls that it’s impossible for young girls to resist. They are very well conceived and built, and they’re pretty certain to become more and more popular among their target audience of young girls. They hold such a great appeal and they provide a great encouragement to young girls in that they encourage them to follow their dreams, even if their dreams happen to be weird and silly like the Lalaloopsy dolls themselves. It’s really not much of a wonder why these little dolls have stolen the hearts of young girls everywhere.

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