Possible Home Fixtures and Installations for Elderly Rehabilitation

Elderly rehabilitation is the process of regaining the physical and mental abilities of an elder person that were lost when they were sick. Rehabilitation is needed to improve the quality of life and allowing them to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle. Most elderly do not wish to spend their rehabilitation period in a hospital due to the high cost. Instead, they wish to do it in the comfort of their home. Rehabilitation should always take place in a safe and conducive place that is stress free and comfortable. This would also mean that you need to make changes in your home to allow for a better recovery. Let’s take a look at some possible home fixtures and installations that can help in the rehabilitation process.

Anti-slip flooring in bathrooms

One of the most dangerous places for the elderly at home is the bathroom. Small amounts of water can cause your beloved grandparents or parents to slip and fall, leading to serious consequences. While one would suggest limiting the number of times to visit the bathroom, you temporary handicap placard cannot really control the call of nature. Therefore, an installation of anti-slip flooring is a great investment. They greatly reduce the chances of one falling and are also easier to clean.

Grip handles in bathrooms

Grip handles are another fixture that should work hand in hand with the anti-slip flooring. While anti-slip floorings are excellent in creating a rough surface between your sole and the floor, they cannot provide the support needed to move around. Grip handles can provide a form of support to assist the elderly move around in the toilet.

Emergency cord

Emergency cords should be installed in the bathrooms if budget permits. This is similar to those in the handicapped toilets of most shopping malls. When your loved one is in distress, he can simply pull the emergency cord and a siren will notify your family members while the door will auto unlock. This will allow instant notification of accidents and emergencies. No matter how good your anti-slip flooring is, accidents still do happen and assistance must be meted out in the shortest possible time.

You have always been enthusiastic with anything that has to do with health and fitness. While some of your friends avoid you because you always come up with sound advices on how they can improve their physiques, there are also those who commend you and suggest that you pursue becoming a trainer. As much as you want to follow the suggestion and offer personal training from home services, you don’t have any clue as to how to begin and what to do.

How to Become a Fitness Trainer

If you are set to become a professional trainer, here are some of the things that can help you get started. Offering your personal training from home services can become a good source of income, but you must first know how to market yourself, hone your skills and get certified.

1. You must first ask yourself if you are up to the challenge. It may be easy for you to deal with acquaintances when it comes to giving fitness advices, but when you take this to a higher level, you must be prepared to deal with different kinds of people. You must not only be good in giving your inputs and leading by example, you must also be ready to listen to your clients, be patient and motivate them all the time.

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