Assessing AK74MN РLatest TM Airsoft Gun

 Assessing AK74MN – Latest TM Airsoft Gun

Tokyo Marui has introduced its newest product- AK74MN. This is a specially designed gun with unusual elements. Primarily, this gun is metal-built, unlike other guns by .38 special ammo  Tokyo Marui. These features make it more competitive in the global market. The usage of a metallic body instead of a plastic one of the gun is the stepping-stone towards its popularity.

Next comes the unique and novel recoil design. After shooting, the gun gets little withdrawn and then the fastener moves to and fro. Unfortunately, this complicates the entire mechanism. It also reduces the longevity of the battery. It would not be proper to comment on the battery life since I have not used this gun for a long period of time.

Following this is the new and high-tech arsenal system equipped in AK74MN that is not compatible with your old guns. Recently, I got a chance of trying my hands at this gun in a nearby airsoft store. I was completely taken aback by its brilliant performance.

The feel of this gun is similar to any other Tokyo Marui guns. That is they are expensive and substantial. To give it more value, the body is built with metal. Hence there is no need to rush to some spare parts shop for a metal kit.

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